Thomas Doulis, Emeritus Professor of English, Portland State University "From the Greco-Greek Wars to Reconciliation"

Event Date: 
Friday, February 17, 2006 - 10:30

February 17, 2006 This talk addressed the literature produced by literarti under the harsh conditions of the military junta in Greece. As Professor Doulis argued, "The Military Junta's brutal censorship of culture, coming as a culmination of decades of divisiveness between the established and monarchist Right and the opposition Left and democratic Center, was designed to silence critics. To the great surprise of the military dictators, however, their ham-fisted approach united the writers and brought about the reconciliation of the previously fragmented culture." Professor Doulis began his literary career as a writer of fiction and has published two novels, Path for our Valor (1963) and The Quarries of Sicily (1969.) Since then, he has published several literary studies: Disaster and Fiction, the Impact of the Asia Minor Disaster of 1922 on Modern Greek Fiction and Out of the Ashes, a study of the 19th century novel in katharevousa. Recently he translated what is considered the first social novel of Greece, Thanos Vlekas. He has also published two photographic studies of an ethnic group in the Pacific Northwest, A Surge to the Sea: The Greeks in Oregon (1977) and Landmarks of Our Past: The First Seventy-Five Years of the Greek Orthodox Community of Oregon (1983).