Marianina Olcott, Professor of Classics, San Jose State University

Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 14, 1998 - 13:00

"The Earth Goddess Lives On" Professor Marianina Olcott of the Humanities Department received her BA in Classics cum laude from New York University and her MA and PhD from Stanford University in Classics. After teaching stints at the University of Santa Clara and Stanford University she has been teaching at San José State University in the Humanities and Foreign Language departments since 1985 as a member of the permanent Faculty. Professor Olcott coordinates the Humanities Honors Program. Her research interests focus upon early Greek religion, specifically healing cults of the Greek goddesses Styx and Gaia or Ge. In addition she is working on ancient theories of intellectual property in comparison with modern concepts of copyright as embodied in American case law under Title 17. This event was co-sponsored by the Modern Greek Studies Foundation